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Getting married in Mexico

Marrying in La Paz A short bit from our friends at La Paz Weddings (www.lapazweddings.com)

Mexico is a country that "truly" separates church and state. Therefore there are two types of weddings here in Mexico.

The first being the "legal" marriage which changes your status from single to married. This ceremony can be compared to being married by the "Justice of the peace" as it is performed by a judge and is recognized as a legal marriage throughout the world. If you choose this option we will provide a translator to be with you during all aspects of the ceremony.

The second is a Non Denominational wedding which is the actual service including family and friends. This wedding can be pretty much anything you like with vows of your choosing.

You have the option of performing one or both of the ceremonies while here. If you choose the legal marriage you will need to arrive a minimum of three days and preferable four days prior to your wedding date.

On the other hand you may decide to do the legal stuff in your home town and just enjoy the ceremony here in La Paz.

Please note that there are a number of different requirements pertaining to legal marriage here in Mexico depending on such matter like if you have been married in the past, if you are marrying a Mexican national ect. Instead of placing all that boring stuff here we will forward you "your" requirements once we receive your questionnaire. In the vast majority of cases you only need your tourist visa and passport. One word of caution, if you have been married before you must show proof of legal divorce and the date of divorce must be more then one year.

There is so much but if you choose us to help, you will never know because we will handle it for you.

The La Paz Weddings Team

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