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The Darker Side

erotic pleasure Oh yes, the darker side. I'm wondering what you thought you'd find here. Well due to popular demand, here is a short bit on lets say pleasures of the erotic type.

La Paz unlike most other Mexican tourist destinations keeps a pretty good handle on the "red zone" activities. Oh there are plenty of places to get in trouble but you won't find a street loaded with strip bars and street barkers like in TJ or Ensenada or clubs lining the Malecon like Cabo. Nor will you find street walkers, yeah the're here too but not many and most have large adams-apples and speak with heavy voices. The fact is that if you didn't know where to go, you'd have to ask. La Paz is very family oriented and it really shows.

Red Zone:
Just south of town at KM-8 is the Ranchito. This is the official "red zone" and at present consist of two large strip bars, The Ranchito and Valle Verde. In its hay day there were more bars and pretty much the only game in town. That has changed but for the locals this is still the main hot spot. Things don't get fired up until about midnight and last till five in the morning. Taxi rides run about $10 each way.

Warning, visiting the Ranchito takes you out of the unofficial "tourist protected zone" so be nice and don't start any trouble. Beer runs $3 bucks a pop and mix drinks run $6 bucks. Drinks for the new girl you just fell in love with are $10 bucks a pop. Lap dances, private dances and private rooms are offered.

In Town:
Here are the ones I know about, I mean I've heard about. No street direction because you'll either be taking a taxi and if you drive you'd have to ask direction anyway.

Lord Blacks:
This is pretty much like all the other Lord Blacks you've visited or heard about. High quality girls and very pricy. Lap dances, private dances and private rooms are offered.

Amnesia (formally Eros):
Owned by the same people as Lord Blacks. Big advantage is that it is located on a little side street right down town and walking or stumbling distance from just about anywhere. Lap dances, private dances and private rooms are offered.

Now this place is a can't miss. Directions here would do you absolutely no good as it is located on a little side street amongst residential housing. No stores, bars or anything other then houses. In fact it is a converted house. Reasonably priced and decent to good quality companionship. Lap dances, private dances and private booths are offered.

The House:
I call this the "house" because I have been told the owner doesn't want its name mentioned on the internet. The house is actually a brothel of sorts. Strictly take out. Arrive, met the owner, view and pick,,, and have them back a predetermined time.
Ask any taxi diver and they'll know what you want. Reasonably priced, high quality companionship.

Under controlled conditions prostitution is legal but if you are looking for younger prey stay away because no amount of money will buy your way out of a very long stay in the state pen. Also, sex out of that controlled box will get you a nice write up and picture in the daily newspaper.

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