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La Paz Beaches

When it comes to Beaches La Paz has all the bases covered. Driving just north of La Paz you will find Beaches you thought only lived in books. Inviting white sandy Beaches can be found starting about 5 kilometers north of town and stretch all the way to Playa Tecolote witch lies 26 kilometers north of downtown La Paz.

A visit to La Paz without a visit to the northern beaches would be like a baseball game without hotdogs and cold beer. Here are just a few of the more visited Beaches.

It is Highly recommended to bring plenty of Sunscreen, bottled water and a brimmed hat. Do not be caught off guard when it comes to controlling your exposure to the sun. We want you to come back and enjoy a nice night out on the town, not lying in your hotel room thinking you'll catch fire at any minute.

Playa El Coromuel (presently under contruction, for what, I don't have a clue) (4.5 km): is the first Beach you will encounter north of town. A Local favorite with Shaded palapas and food / beverage services. This Beach lies within the harbor boundaries.

Playa El Tesoro (13 km): is located approx 13 Kilometers north of town and is a great little beach when it comes to children. The crystal clear waters are very sallow where a child could actually walk out for better then a 100 meters. Tesoro has about 25 shaded palapas, small restaurant and Kayak retails. A great place to kick back and watch the little ones play till they drop.

Pichilingue (19 km): Home to the La Paz ferry terminus and a large commercial harbor that never quite caught on. Nice beaches are just north of the deep water port; several palapa restaurants.

Playa Balandra (23 km): is one of the better known Beaches for its beauty and surrounding landscape. Like El Tesoro the waters surrounding Balandra are sallow and safe for the children. Entering the water and walking around the cliff to your right will bring you to Playa El Hongo where you will find the famous landmark Balancing Rock Formation you see on many postcards.

Services at Playa Balandra are limited and hit & miss. Thou there are no established restaurants or palapas the weekends usually bring venders of food, beverages and umbrellas rentals. It is always best to pack your own lunches and drinks for the day. Playa Balandra does however have BBQ pits to the south for your use.

Playa El Tecolote (26 km): is by far the largest and most visited Beach in La Paz. Located at roads end it boast two large restaurants, shaded palapas and rentals of all sorts including Sea Doo's and the un-famous Banana rides.

This Beach has a beautiful view of Isla Espiritu Santo. Guided Boats can be rented for crossings to the Isla (a 6.5 km crossing).

Tip: The shaded palapas at and between the two restaurants are rented for 200 pesos per day. They also include a table and four chairs. Both restaurants will give you the Palapa for free if your bill with them is 200 pesos or more. So if you plan on eating or drinking from these establishments it is wise to make this deal before settling into your Palapa.

This photo was taken by Jim Cline of San Diego. If you look closely you can see three beaches. The one furthest right is Balandra. Also notice the water is a very light blue next to the beaches. This water is only ankle too knee deep depending on the tide which makes it easy to walk from beach to beach as only Balandra has road access. Why all this explanation…. Stay with me for just a minute here. To get to the famous "Diamond" rock formation (pictured above) you see on all the postcards you have to walk from Balandra to the center beach and then walk all the way to the left…. That's where you'll find it.
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