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Best Time To Come
Best Time For Whales Jan Feb Mar Apl May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Magdelena Bay                        
Sea of Cortez                        
Sea Lions
Photo Opportunity                        

Best Time For Sea Life Jan Feb Mar Apl May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Black Marlin                        
Blue Marlin                        
Striped Marlin                        
Whale Sharks                        
Giant Pacific Mantas                        
Schooling Mobulas                        
Schooling Hammerheads                        
Yellow Fin Tuna                        
Yellow Tail                        
Pargo, Cabrilla                        
Rooster Fish                        

Water Temperature Jan Feb Mar Apl May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
16-20 (61-68f)                        
18-22 (74-72f)                        
20-24 (68-75f)                        
22-26 (72-79f)                        
24-30 (78-86f)                        
Good Visibility 60-100ft                      
Poor Visibility 15-40ft                        

Air Temperature Jan Feb Mar Apl May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
20-24 (68-75f)                        
22-26 (72-79f)                        
24-28 (75-82f)                        
26-32 (79-90f)                        
28-38 (82-100f)                        
30-34 (86-104f)                        


Emergency No's
Fire Department 122-00-54
City Police 122-46-92
Cruz Roja 065 or 122-12-22
ISSSTE Hospital 122-27-89
IMSS Hospital 122-73-77
Salvatierra Hospital 122-1496 & 122-1596
State Jud. Police 122-66-10 & 122-13-99
Fed. Judicial Police 125-26-65
Highway Patrol 122-03-69 & 122-57-35
Port Captain 122-02-43 & 122-40-37


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not so important info for you newbes... gear to bring, general stuff, recommendations, important tel no's and trip tips!
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bring your ass to La Paz
Street Taco Stands
Taco Street Stands Don't blame your morning rush to the pot on those tacos, better chance it was Doctor Tacothe mass consumption of spirits that did you in. Street stand tacos could be just what the doctor ordered.